Jean Pascal 6 Oz Box

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Elegance is not possible without perfume. It's the indispensable invisible accessory.


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JEAN PASCAL is imposing, its presence does not go unnoticed. Wood is the first scent the senses meet, awakening their curiosity. To lighten the strength, the heart and base of this Eau de Toilette are highlighted with floral notes, jasmine and lavender, creating a powerful blend that brings new discoveries with each application.
This perfume is highly concentrated, so it lingers on skin and clothes for up to 24 hours.

The bottle: In one bottle we encapsulate everything we love, fashion, style and quality. It’s the character and strength of a determined and confident man. 180 ml, the largest presentation on the market.

Type: Eau de toilette
Content: 180 ml
Aroma: Woody
Gender: Adult male
Top notes: Lavender and Bergamot
Heart notes: Jasmine and Spices
Base notes: Wood and Moss
INVIMA Registration: NSOC02379-99CO

Apply on hot spots such as ears and wrists.

Garantía: 6 meses. Cualquier cambio está sujeto a verificación previa.

Costo de envio:
$5.000 mil pesos todas las ciudades de Colombia
Tiempos de entrega:
Bogotá Max 3 días hábiles
Otras ciudades Max 5 días hábiles

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